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I've been having this trouble for about six months now. It really seems to come and go, no rhyme or reason at all. Sometimes I'll bleed; sometimes I won't. Being rough or gentle, before ovulation, after ovulation -- none of it seems to matter.

Turns out I have chronic cervicitis that my gyno believes got aggravated from coming off the pill last spring. There's no antibiotics for this type of cervicitis. It's non-bacterial and non-viral. He says it's really, really common in women, and most women at some point in their lives have a problem with cervicitis. 90 percent of women who have this from a non-bacterial cause, it generally heals itself within one or two menstrual cycles. Sometimes it doesn't, tho.

I asked him if going back on the pill would help this, and he said he thought that would be doubtful (not that I'd want to go back on the pill anyway!). If anything, adding more synthetic hormones to my system might actually make the problem and bleeding worse.

The only treatment he was able to offer if it doesn't resolve and the bleeding bothers me is cryosurgery to freeze that inflammed part of my cervix away.

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