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I agree you should let her know. It could be something absolutely insignificant like being too rough or her being close to her period (either before it or just after), but this happened to me out of nowhere with my hubby several times, and it turned out I had cervicitis from nonbacterial causes. Basically my cervix was inflammed, but not infected or caused from a virus. There could be other causes for bleeding after sex, too.

And she must know, but she's probably embarrassed to bring it up with you. Like I said, I've had bleeding after sex (light bleeding, like you said, just a streak here or there or a bit of pink on the tissue after going to the restroom), and it's impossible not to notice. Sometimes it lasts a few days, too.

Best of luck. I'm sure it's nothing, but it's always best to get these things cleared so you both don't have to worry :)

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