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I've been with my husband for a little over a year now and we've had sex weekly, often daily for pretty much the same amount of time. I've been using Ortho Evra birth control, and had no problems with it so far.

Some time last week, during my period, the outside of my vagina started itching. Just the very entrance. Not terribly, just kind of a minor annoyance. That happens sometimes when my pad is irritating me a little. So I didn't think anything of it. But it continued for several days. When my husband and I went to have sex later that week, we couldn't because it was too painful for him to enter me. We discovered that my vagina was essentially swollen shut. Shortly after the attempt it began to burn, quite painfully. I took a shower, and rinsed it out, and we agreed no sex for a week or two and we'd see how it was. Well, it started becoming less and less swollen over the next couple of days, so we decided that it was a good time to go ahead and try intercourse again. He had no difficulty entering me, and it was pleasureable, no pain whatsoever. However, the second after he withdraw after his orgasm, my vagina and a small area around it began to burn intensely. This faded quickly, although did not diminish entirely for several hours, even after a shower.

My question for you is, what on earth is going on?!
is he using a condom? are you using a lubricant? You can be allergic to so many things. Were you both tested previous to marriage? It could be a million things start by the elimination process, condoms change brand with different materials, try changing laundry detergents. But make an appt with your gyno just to be on the safe side.
No condom, usually no lube, although we did use some the other day, just before it started the burning thing. We've been using the same laundry detergent for years.

Unfortunately, gyno isn't an option - we don't have insurance, and I have an intense phobia of doctors, especially ones who have to see me naked.
Forgot to mention - it burns more when I urinate, but only if the urine touches my vagina, it doesn't burn in my urethra at all.

Also, we used a new strap-on the other night. It was a bit too big for me, but it was fine for about 10 minutes. Could I have torn the inside of my walls, or be allergic to the strap-on?
Allergies can change at any time as far laundry detergent goes. If anything burned on me I'd get over my intense fear of being nude in front of Dr's or find a female gyno. Especially since all our stuff is on the inside and can't be seen so how are you to know of you have cervical cancer or a an STD. I have a friend who is on the young side and has cervical cancer because she didn't go to the DR for a few yrs when she didn't have insurance. Go to a free clinic or inquire about low cost or no cost insurance before something serious comes up and it could've been taken care of if caught earlier. I myself had some thing come up on an x-ray and thankfully its wasn't cancer but I'm glad I saw everyone there is to see about it and have been tracking it to make sure nothing has changed for the worse. 20's is so very young still with so many many more years ahead of you take care of yourself so you and your hubby can enjoy them together.

PS maybe you're allergic to the material the strap on is made of or it could be a tear as well I'd be suspicious if all this started after using the strap on.
Gyno is not an option. It's more than just an intense fear. It's incredibly debilitating.

If you can't think of anything else, thank you for your help, but I need more answers than you can give me.
I'm sorry you are suffering and don't know what is causing the pain. My GYN has a female Nurse Practioner. She does my yearly physical and pap tests. I am more comfortable talking to her. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable with a female DR or Nurse Practioner. Many doctors will let you make small monthly payments.

Take care, Nadine
I would try not having any sex for a couple of weeks and see if whatever is causing this burn/itch goes away. Maybe try a warm bath from time to time. Do not use any harsh soap or scented liners for awhile.You could try adding some baking soda to your bath water.
Hope you are feeling better soon. :)

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