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Hello, This is my first post because I am hoping to hear from others who have had the same situation in their lives.
I am 35 years old and have been sexually active since my late teens. Sexuality has never been an issue for me and I have always found great pleasure in being in a healthy sexually active relationship.
I have not had any psychological or physical trauma, nor have I ever had children. I have never had an issue with my yearly physicals, and have always considered paps a minor annoyance that comes with being a woman, but have never struggled to get them done. I have had the same doctor for 20 years and I trust her immensely.
In recent months, I have found sex to be painful. The first sign of this was in November where I felt as if I had a small cut inside my vagina. My doctor looked at it, took a swab of it (it was nothing) and encouraged poly sporin and more lubrication if needed for intercourse. I went on a holiday with my family over Christmas, so was away from my boyfriend and did not have intercourse for three weeks. I felt completely healed only to find what seemed to be another tear at our first sexual encounter after my return. Sex became more and more painful and therefore unenjoyable. (This made me very sad, as my boyfriend and I have always enjoyed a very healthy and satisfying sex life).
I returned to the doctor and with a short discussion, she diagnosed vaginismus. After talking with the doctor, my partner and I went onto a web site that the doctor recommended and we did some learning. Our relationship is strong and we are able to discuss this openly which is great! However, I will admit that this diagnosis made me quite sad and frustrated. I decided that it was like a sexually active man who was struggling with impotence... (Your body isn't cooperating with what your mind wants to do!?)
I am able to get sexually aroused and well lubricated naturally, I am able to orgasm through manual and oral stimulation. However, when we attempt penetration, it is painful and uncomfortable.
Are there any other women that have dealt with this situation and met with successful treatments? what have you done? How have you dealt with it?

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