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Honestly, it's nothing.

Think about's a sensitive area for us down there, right? You just had a've had contractions like CRAZY!! What causes contractions? oxytocin...what's inside sperm? oxytocin...why do we orgasm? because of that. What makes our uterus contract during sex? an orgasm. It's all the same thing. Our bodies are just made that way. When we're in labor all our muscles are being used especially down there. Just like in sex. Uterus contractions...orgasms happen. Ever wonder why women are more hornier during their periods? because their uterus contracts during their periods. That's also what causes the cramps and needing to go number 2 more often lol. It all plays a part. When the doctor is checking you and you feel a little aroused, think of it this way, it's not really an AROUSED feeling more than it's just a COMFORTABLE feeling...that's all. Your body is relaxed now, your muscles are relaxed now, so when it's being touched (even the clitoris will react), you're going to feel a little "weird" down there. I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm sure doctors don't even know it's happening to us. You really think they can TELL if we're feeling a little happy happy down there?'s not like we're men and it SHOWS when we're happy...haha...sorry, had to make a little joke. Don't worry about it hun.

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