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is it normal?
Yes and no. Being inexperienced yourself, not knowing your own body, being with an inexperienced and selfish partner, and being too insecure to communicate with your partner is bound to lead to dissatifaction. It's not nearly as easy for a woman to enjoy partnered sex as it is for young men. Personlly, I didn't like sex until I learned what my body does and what it needs to be pleasured. Once I learned to become sexually responsive and was able to educate my partner, my desire for sex as well as my partner increased. Masterbation is a great way to both learn and teach.
If you are continually troubled by lack of satifaction and desire for sex even when you know how to enjoy it, you may need to discuss it with a Dr. Some libido and drive issues are caused by hormone imbalances which can only be addressed and managed medically. Even childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault can cause emotional barriers that prevent you from enjoying your sexuality and there are Dr's and councelors that can help with that too. The main thing is for you to feel entiltled and deserving of the enjoyment your body and sexuality brings to your life. Yes, you deserve it and you should make it a priority to find out why you're not.
Do you mean with another person? Or do you mean you do not like sexual stimulation?

If you mean with another person, are you in love with that person?

If you are in love with that person, I'd be concerned if you did not like being intimate with them. However, if you are talking about casual sex, maybe even friendship type sex, it would not surprise me if you didn't enjoy it. Casual sex isn't all that casual for everyone. It can be stressful. It can also be stressful if the sex is happening in cars, on a couch when someone might walk get the idea.

So it all depends on the circumstances you are in. But I think it's entirely possible that a 19 year old female might not like certain situations.
im 21 but kinda have the same problem. i wish i could give you some great advice... but id just be being hipocrytical ( wish i could spell better :P) i really hope you find a way to really enjoy yourself idk but maybe if you tried masturbation and learned more about your body and what it enjoys.... it could help. i've been given the same advice before and cant say that it isnt good advice im just too afraid to really try it :P good luck though. i hope things work out for you.
I agree that masturbation will teach you what parts of your body you like touched and how you like to be touched. If someone has made you feel guilty for touching yourself or for having sex, that would take the pleasure out of it for you. Having an experienced partner helps, or at least one who is willing to try the things that you suggest. You are still young and maybe you aren't ready for a sexual commitment. Generally, woman take longer to become aroused than men, and since the woman's body provides the lubrication, if you have intercourse without it, sex can be painful. Hopefully, some day when you are ready, it will be a beautiful and fulfilling experience for you.
i agree with what is said above.

im almost 21. and ive been having sex since i was 15.. yes young i know
but it truely is based on several different reasons.
i have a history wit sexual abuse. i also am in a relationship where its still new so we arnt completley comfortable discussing certain things. and ive had selfish partners.
i do enjoy sex... but its only a couple times a wk thing. i get sick of it, and jus dont care for it. and if your partner is selfish... ohhhh yesss thatll make a big difference

when i was 18i was dating a guy for 2 years and having sex with him for a little longer. we were SOOOO comfortable with eachother. a little too comfortable haha
well that was the best sex of my life and we would have sex all the time, multiple times a day. but thats because i knew how we was, he wasnt selfish at all. i knew what i liked. and i felt safe.

get close with your partner. . .learn about urself
and dont be shy to explore and experiment.

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