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[QUOTE=MTurbo;4178562]Hi, from what you describe I would say that most likely that your hymen is still intact, so technically you are still a virgin.

Most times when when the hymen is broken there is a small amount of blood, did you notice any?

Good luck.[/QUOTE]

Hi MTurbo - I've been really ashamed/stressed about what's happened, so I really do appreciate your response. Thanks. :)

As much as I would still like to consider myself a virgin (since, to be honest, I didn't see it as sex), I was told it constituted as sex... and I've pretty much accepted the situation for what it is.

Nope, there was no sign of blood - none whatsoever. Does the bleeding have to occur during the initial penetration or does it happen hours/days afterwards? Because I didn't notice any bleeding during the penetration, and I didn't notice any bleeding afterwards at all, but I'm a bit worried I may have just been unaware of it.

And I don't think I may have broken my hymen prior to this incident since I've never inserted anything apart from one-two fingers and I'm not really an active person. I've been horseriding once, but I don't think that would do anything, lol.

I suppose what I'm stressing about is... did I "stretch" during that initial act of penetration? I haven't had any form of penetration (fingers or otherwise) after that incident, so I can't say for sure. I'm not exactly sure why I'm anxious over something trivial, but I just am.

I'm just a bit concerned over the fact that I didn't feel any pain during the penetration... if anything there was just a slight sting/numb that I had feeling still from his fingers. And the pain increased again slightly when he stopped penetrating and used his fingers.

Lol, I guess the point of that rant was that I honestly thought that sex was supposed to be painful. Well, at least... some form of penile penetration anyway.

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