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Not all women are sensitive when it comes to the cervix. So chances are it is your cervix because that is all it can be unless you have some for of cancer and havent known about it.
Though since you are sexually active you need to be getting your yearly pelvic anc pap exams done. You can talk it over with your doctor and I bet good money it is your cervix.
Heck you can even reach your finger in there and feel it yourself. I know it sounds gross but I actually do this to help in trying to conceive. You see the cervix changes throughout your cycle depending on what stage you are in. In women/girls who havent had kids it will have a small indention that is circular in the center. In women that have had kids it will be like a flat o or oval shaped. It will in general feel rounded and hard like the tip of your nose. So reach up there and get to know your body. It is your cervix because your g-spot doesnt feel like that.

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