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hello i think i have a weird vagina and it is embarasing. i want to sahve all my pubic hair off but i can not cos it is more nitticable. well the prob is on the right lip the inside of it is kinda streached and it is long and it shows on the out side so u can see it if u was looking at my vagina. i am not sure if that made any sence atall but i am so embarased to ever have sex abain incase someone nottices it, and also i want to shave all my pubic hair off as i feel that it will be cleaner down there. please help me. does anyone know if i can go to the doctors and get it cut of so it looks notmal

ohh and also i am very hairy i have tooooo many pubic hair and i have very hairy arm hairs does anyone know how i can reduce the hair i have tried waxing my arms but it gets anoying as it grows back after only 1-2 weeks. HELP me thanx

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