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It's very common for women to hold back from orgasm beacause they feel as if they are about to wet themselves, and when you are about to come, it DOES feel a bit like you are going to.
The chances of you actually doing it though are quite slim, and if you make sure you always go to the bathroom and fully empty your bladder immediately before your BF touches you down there, then you can feel quite safe that you wont. Make sure you empty your bladder again straight after sex too, as cystitis is common in women who forget to do this.
Try to relax and let go, and you should find that the urge to pee will go as you get more aroused. Tell your boyfriend not to be too rough with his fingers as he could be pressing on your bladder inside, which will feel uncomfortable, and when he is using his tongue, ask him to concentrate more on the areas around your clitoris, rather than DIRECT clitoral pressure, as a lot of women cant stand too much direct touching there, as it just feels too intense, and can make you want to pee too.
Hope this helps, and if after trying the above, things dont improve, then just ask the doc to check you out for infections etc, but I'm sure it's just a slight change of technique you need. Take care.

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