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I'm in my mid 30's and I have noticed an enormous increase of wetness during arousal before/during intercourse with my current partner. He even told me that he has to sometimes duct while giving me oral, because my vagina squirts. Yeap, squirts! This has never EVER happened to me with any other partner. My partner is not complaining, but there has been enough times that we have stopped to get a towel. The wetness doesn't smell, it has a somewhat clear/white color and it runs like water. No thickness or any kind of texture.

I have noticed that since I've turned 30 (four years ago), my appetite for sex has increased to an abnormal level, with a increase in wetness during arousal. I have always had an above average appetite for sex, but this is ridiculous. This has also created a HUGE plumbing problem. There're times that I have to shower, because my underwear is soaked. I can't help but wonder if this is related to the relationship I'm in, which is pretty amazing. Or does this have to do with female body changes. Or is it a combination of both. I have been to the GYN and everything is good, so I can't explain why this is happening to me now.


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