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Hi Im 24 and I dont have insurance so im relying on strangers opinions lol. My vagina has been in agony for about two weeks I have no clue as to what is causing my pain. Its swollen, red, raw, itching, burning and feels like its peeling. These things didnt start until I got a cold that Im just now completing, yogurt is helping but I dont know if its a yeast infection, im using yogurt and garlic to combat the symptoms it helps but isnt curing it. symptoms are localized at my vaginal opening, my vulva, and strangely my clitoris. I have had a yeast infection before but not this extreme. My question is, is it a yeast infection and if it is how long do I do the yogurt treatment? If its not a yeast infection what can I do with no insurance and extremely limited income? Any kind of help will greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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