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... about two weeks ago.. i went to shave my underarms and i nicked my nipple. it bled for a while and it wasnt really that big but lately its been hurting i was wondering if anyone had any advice.. ... (6 replies)
... tear is...but when i pee and wipe myself, every now and then i see bright red drops of blood. why? ... (4 replies)
... i am 46 yof i too have had a complete hysterectomy. i have chf and copd. ... (6 replies)

... I took the Plan B pill 3 weeks ago and had my period the week after. And yesterday, I had sex with my boyfriend but used the pull out method. ... (0 replies)
... Does Anybody Knoe Wat Treatz Shaving Cutz Down There ??? I Really Need To Knoe....I Cut Myself && Now Itz Bleeding...Soo Any Medicine That Wud Help ? I Want The Pain & The Bleeding To Go Away...! (1 replies)
... I get more eehh, active in my masturbation schedule. I usually masturbate about once a day but during these times it can be as many as four or so orgasms in a 20 minute span, twice a day. ... (0 replies)
... okk soo here's my problem, the past week ive had these bumps on the left bottom labia majora, they hurt a lot, like if i have tight shorts or panties on when i walk or sit it hurts, and i am sexually active. ... (1 replies)
... I have found over the 2 weeks that I can't climax and seem to have lost sensation both with my clitoris and vagina. I have NEVER had this problem! ... (0 replies)
... you everyone for your replies! I feel much better about it. ... (7 replies)
... Well, this is really awkward. But I was pleasuring myself with an object that I don't normally use and it was sharper then I expected. When I pulled it out there was blood on the tip. However it didn't hurt at all, and still doesn't. Any advice on what I should do? ... (0 replies)
Torn vagina
Mar 19, 2003
... I was shaving my vaginal area and accidentally cut myself, now everytime I go pee it burns really bad. I have also noticed that it itches a lot now, is there anything I can do myself to take care of this problem? ... (3 replies)
... I think it may be from either rough sex or accidentally scratching myself, but there appears to be a cut or wound near urethra. How do you manage cuts down there haha? ... (1 replies)
... I need some advice. When I was little I was molested and raped by my grandfather and uncle. I attended counsling, and when I got married, my husband and I attended marrige counsling, and sex therapy, because I was so uncomftorble with having sex. It got better, and I got pregnant with twins. ... (1 replies)
... he wants to wait till the wedding night and has planned to book a room in a hotel...but i don't know how to get fake blood and where to hide it....also i dont know how to or how much to cut myself...and where to hide the blade...and how and when can i do it in the process....where to hide the blade.... ... (20 replies)
... Thank you, KCLee. You told me what I needed to hear.... that he doesn't love me and that he's using me. Sometimes I try to convince myself that he cares since we cuddle and talk and do all that "cute" stuff... he even gets jealous, but you're absolutely right. ... (7 replies)
... how would he know what a virgin feels like..don't worry if he asks why u didn't bleed say you have no idea and any doctor will agree that not every virgin bleeds I didn't bleed I only spotted a little blood the next day on my underwear so don't wory, he won't have any proof that you were not a virgin. ... (20 replies)
... Its possible that he broke ur hymen. The first time I was fingered I had a little blood when i wiped myself later on that night. But when my hymen was broke there was alot more blood. Maybe he was just being rougher with you this time? ... (2 replies)
... f and I are going to shave each other's pubic hair in the very near future, just for fun. My question is, when I am shaving her, how careful should I be when shaving the lips? ... (1 replies)
Please help:(
Jan 7, 2014
... Miss seraph thanks for the suggestions....i can do anything to save my honour. It was not my fault but my boyfriend left me when i asked him to marry me and talk to my family. ... (12 replies)
Vaginal swelling
Apr 16, 2009
... Basically, after sex and sometimes when iv not had sex my whole vagina swells up. It really hurts, I cant describe the pain, and it can last from an hour upto several hours. It gets really itchy too once it has swollen up. ... (1 replies)

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