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... n which i've slept with. And i'm fine when it comes to manually stimulating with the vagina, but when we have sex i feel nothing, he either hurts me, or there is just nothing. I've started to get very annoyed by it, because i feel like because i'm not getting pleasure from it i'm really bad in bed. ... (6 replies)
... so there was no 'connection'.. I just dont get it. ... (26 replies)
... I don't feel anything, I feel pressure. Its like I can tell when he enters me and I can tell when he leaves me.. thats it. Thats just by a feeling.. its like being full almost. I know its there.. I cant feel a damn thing though. ... (26 replies)

... So here's my situation. Last night me and my boyfriend were having sex. This may get graphic... everything was normal, I felt fine, no pain, just doing our thing. I was very well lubed up and this is why I'm confused. It was actually too wet if you want to say that. ... (0 replies)
... For reasons unknown as some women get older there body changes in a way that they feel nothing with sexual pleasure like they once did. ... (26 replies)
... I had 'sexual' experiences with both women and men before that and since and no matter what, I feel nothing during sex. ... (26 replies)
... Well if your feeling everything the right way with him emotionally and you feel nothing or no pleasure when you have intercourse either your not ready as for as being aroused and wet , you guys may not be having enough foreplay? ... (26 replies)
... ove this girl beyound belief. I feel like I really click with her. She has decided that we aren't going to be sexual AT ALL for the next three months. No sex, nothing oral, no kissing, no hugging, no holding hands. NOTHING. She wants us to go on a "diet" for the next three months. THREE MONTHS? ... (10 replies)
... He can get me off with clitoral stimulation, I actually didn't have to teach him that.. it just takes forever and if you don't do it juuuuuuust right I get hyper sensitive and you cant touch me at all. ... (26 replies)
... I am very worried about a problem i have and i just don't know how common it is to be like this. ... (3 replies)
... I will be going to my doctor I just have to gather up the balls to say something! ... (26 replies)
... if you have a high libdio and your getting aroused and wet and during intercourse you feel noting and just presure from it and no pleasure then to me that sounds very serious. ... (26 replies)
... Know while I can't completely speak for her, but she has just excepted that and when we have sex those are the 2 areas that get my attention. ... (26 replies)
Can I just say...
Jul 28, 2008
... that i think its a shame that there are so many women that have problems with low sex drive. I have tried suppliments, going of bc, changing bc. Nothing works! There is no quick fix. ... (7 replies)
... c I Have Spoiled Her I Just Don't Understand Why The Decline Happened. ... (4 replies)
... no climax from penetration this is the exact reason that I do not feel open and compelled to express that to my partner. I love penetration more than anything I just can't climax, I love vaginal stimulation and oral and can orgasm everytime. ... (25 replies)
... My GF loves broccoli and I absolutely hate it. I still love her, I just don't eat it when she does and I accept the fact that she does. Sometimes minor flaws or small things like that has no impact on a realationship overall. ... (25 replies)
... My best friend just confided in me that she no longer has ANY feeling internally during sex. Complete numbness. She's had no loss of bladder control, though. ... (3 replies)
... scover that i still the same and he thinks that he doesn't please me and thats make him upset. i also dun tell him sweet words i never called him babe or my love just calling him by his name... idunt kno where's the problem is that from me or from him... ... (0 replies)
... Me and my boyfriend have been having sex for about 6 months now. This morning we had sex but I felt nothing and this has never happened before. ... (2 replies)

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