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... I had drunken protected sex Sunday morning, later that day, my vagina began to itch and swell. It was bright red and almost swollen shut. It is no longer red or swollen, but it is VERY dry and still itchy...insanely itchy. Could I be allergic to the condom we used or could it just be from the friction? ... (4 replies)
... hi, i am writing in regards to a very itchy and uncomfortable vagina. i have had this discomfort for the past 2 days. ... (2 replies)
... For the past few days I have been itchy, like all in my vagina lips, There is nothing There, no bumps or anything.. ... (1 replies)

... ibed me the meds without testing me....what are the odds of my having chlamydia for 7 years with only these symptoms and never having it show in any pap, swab or std check AND without my partner showing any symptoms for 5 years as well. ... (2 replies)
... rs were all stress related, I also had two spots in the pubic hair above my vagina, which she said were hair follicles.I had been very worried that there were an std but her reassurance help me relax a bit. Throughout the following week the rash became better although worse when i showered or was hot. ... (0 replies)
... so here's the deal- maybe almost a week ago, i noticed a very slight itch in my vulva region. no big deal, i figured i was wearing too-tight undies. however, for the past 4 days or so, it hard been itching a lot! it's itches at the opening of my vagina, and it is pretty sore when i examine myself for changes in discharge. so that's the interesting part- there really isn't a... (2 replies)
... A lot of women are sensitive to the spermicide Nonoxynol-9. Try to get only condoms without it. (4 replies)
... it healed up within a week and it's been fine since then. maybe i was just allergic to his soap or the condom or something. thanks though! (4 replies)
... Did you shave? If you did then had sex it was mostly likely from that. (4 replies)
... try to use rephresh vaginal cream for your ph balance i itch if it is off and sex can do it good luck (4 replies)
... Hello... i hooked up with a friend of mine on weds night (no sex, but some touching and were both naked). The next day and since then i've been itching like crazy down there and noticed a small sore on upper vulva. most things i've read say STD symptoms don't appear that fast after an incident -- is it just a yeast infection (i've had a bought of them lately)? any advice would... (5 replies)
... the best I can explain it is that a small area towards the back of my vagina is like inflamed or swollen, and its red. It only hurts when it is touched, there is no burning, tingling, or itchy sensations. It looks like there is a small red line across the swollen area, which made me think maybe it was a cut.. ... (5 replies)
... usual and i was slightly itchy. so i saw a nurse practitioner who did a pelvic exam and said everything inside looked perfectly normal except for the YEAST! well no big shocker considering i seem to get yeast infections every time i take an antiobitoic. ... (3 replies)
... could be to blame. I've had my discharge kind of "pill" up into balls before. No big deal. It all depends on hormones and what my body is doing at the time. ... (5 replies)
... eir own health instead of trusting the word of some guy who claimed to be oh so in love but who was gone for good six months later, but left you the gift of open itchy sores for life, or worse, a disease that could kill you to remember him by. ... (11 replies)
... m going to die kind of fear. I have been soooo anxious and stressed. This is CONSTANTLY on my mind. About 3 weeks after this sexual encounter I started to get an itchy feeling in my vagina and some weird discharge. ... (19 replies)
Vagina owwwies!
Aug 8, 2005
... vagina hurts ... and I took a look at it one day and I seen what appears to be small 'rug burn' type marks right on the outside of the vagina opening. They get itchy and irritated and hurt oh so bad. These marks also appear after a hot night sleeping and it gets very sweaty and itchy down there.... ... (7 replies)
... eek after, everything is fine. But sometime in the 2 weeks before my period, at some point in time after we have sex once or twice, I get irritated feeling, and itchy around the opening. It will burn when I go to the bathroom after sex, but only when the urine hits a spot at the opening. ... (1 replies)
... is it possible to have a yeast infection with only itching and no change in discharge? ... (2 replies)
... no worry of std or anything like that. ... (3 replies)

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