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... Lots of fruits, water, and just a healthy diet in general. I noticed that I don't have ONE bit of an odor down there from eating pineapple, drinking kefir and tons of water, not to mention my diet is pretty healthy. ... (7 replies)
... Or am I just grasping at straws and looking to borrow trouble where there otherwise isn't any? ... (7 replies)
Odor there
Jun 11, 2007
... Don't worry about it. Everyone is different. My partner is the same as you . . . she always has a distinct odor down there, even if she is squeaky clean. It's not a foul odor, but it's definitely a distinct odor, and it can't be washed away with soap or covered by perfumes. ... (4 replies)

Oct 16, 2006
... Is is very common for a woman to have a horrible odor "down there" after she has sex with a man? ... (5 replies)
... I think that most men don't like to do that because of the odor, and taste, its never been a problem with me, but I have heard thru the grapevine thats there reason not wanting to do it and some men will go down on a woman while dating to have intercourse to simply get what they want. ... (34 replies)
Odor there
Jun 10, 2007
... Is it normal to have odor down there even if you shower ever day and keep clean and wear cotton underwear? ... (4 replies)
May 2, 2002
... I need some help. Lately, when my husband and I have sex, he has told me that there is an "odor" down there. I don't smell anything. ... (3 replies)
Jun 9, 2009
... wow, this is really embarrassing for me to talk about, but here it goes. My husband asked me the other day if I could go to the Dr. and ask him why I have an odor down there. He was really nice about it, and im not mad at him, but it really freaked me out and threw me for a loop. ... (4 replies)
Bad Odor
Mar 4, 2007
... different things can cause bad odor down there a yeast infection, a change in your ph, etc. are you having any kind of discharge? ... (6 replies)
Strange odor
Jan 3, 2002
... lately when my husband and i make love i have noticed a very strong and nasty odor down there. i have never in my 25 years had this so i am kind of curious as to what it is. i have no discharge or anything but it is almost a fishy smell. ... (13 replies)
... t saw you posted in another area talking about having sex for the first time. Now, if this is the first time you've had sex, then it's no wonder you are swollen down there. ... (4 replies)
... Before I had all these problems, I had an odor that wasn't bad or anything, but was there and not intrusive. It didn't gross anyone out. I wash everyday and wear clean underwear. ... (9 replies)
... I seem to get this odor that I can't stand every time my boyfriend and I want to have sex. ... (4 replies)
... Anyway, I have always been very clean and odor free down there. My husband has given me lots of oral sex over the years and he has even commented on how pleasant things are. ... (4 replies)
Vaginal health
Oct 18, 2002
... The only sure way to know if you have BV is a diagnoses by your gyn. Odor down there definitely signals some type of infection, but once you've had BV, you KNOW what it is every time. ... (16 replies)
The other "FISH"
Oct 9, 2003
... Unless you are menstruating, there should be no unpleasant odor from the vagina, if fact, it might be described as mildly sweet. Other sources that add to it could be plain old sweat, urine... ... (11 replies)
... tight pants...and not trying to gross you out, but even if you don't have any disease or anything, if you've never messed around at all, sometimes it will get an odor down there..I'd say a normal smelling vagina would be really nothing at all...I mean it just smells kinda's hard to explain and not fishy smelling. ... (10 replies)
Vaginal odor
May 14, 2013
... started dating an ex girlfriend and had a question regarding vaginal odor. When we had sex last year when we first dated and now, a year later, I notice a strong odor that gets even more noticeable with prolonged penetration. ... (1 replies)
... Some day's its just "not right" down there. I know that right after my period it has a slightly offending smell. ... (18 replies)
Smelly Odor
Feb 5, 2008
... A healthy vagina does not have a bad scent to it. Scents can be mild to a bit more strong, but it should not be called bad if there is no infection- sometimes if you sweat or do not shower regular, it may become not so nice. But you can freshen up.That should help. Maybe your sense of smell is just turned off... Everyone has their own opinions of what smells good or bad. (11 replies)

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