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I saw a rheumatologist about a yr ago....I have tennis elbow, have had trigger finger, have IBS, headaches/sinus issues.....foot pain where I feel as though I cannot walk......tingling/numbness.....abdominal discomfort. I thought I had rheumatoid arthritis but the doc said joints in my fingers have "soft" fingers are starting to become deformed.

The bowel symptoms I'd always chalked up to a family history of colon cancer---so I've run to the Gastro for colonoscopies several times in the past 5 yrs---everything is fine aside from a little diverticulitis (pockets) and a hyadel hernia and gurd.......

The brain fog I can related to....I'm 47 and couldn't remember some things that should've been elementary......:confused:

I walk up the stairs and everything hurts....walking a couple blocks I feel weak.

Tired....this weekend I didn't get my nap :yawn: and boy was it awful---didn't want to eat and my poor husband had to put up w/wife from --->>>>:blob_fire

I have a docs appt tonight so hopefully they'll run some tests and give me some answers. As you say, these symptoms could be almost anything. (or nothing!)

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