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Apr 10, 2001
Hi Folks,

I have been reading this board for a while but have not officially posted until now. I am a 26 year old male. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 3 1/2 years ago. My mom was in a car wreck and after having pain and discomfort for an extended period of time she was diagnosed with Fibro as well this was around 1990. Well about 4 years ago I was going through a very high stress situation and then all of a sudden I got sick with flue-like symptoms , I started having pain in my neck, head aches, pain in my shoulders, had trigger points that were very painful to touch mainly around my neck and shoulder area, swollen glands (that I still have), I was in constant pain and felt like a old man getting out of the bed in the morning. Anyway I went to the doctor where I had blood test that checked for everything including HIV everything came back fine, I then went to a neurologist and he checked me out and did a variety of test (most I do not remember)and after all the test he came back with the conclusion though I do not think he was sure, Fibromyalgia. Well I was then prescribed Ultram and Flexril (3 doses a day each) it helped tremendously. Well a year past and I noticed that I was feeling better so I decided to experiment and take 2 pills each a day then I got down to just one Ultram. Well then eventually I took no medication and the pain and discomfort went away for the most part. Sure I would have some symptoms every once in a while but it would go away. Well I thought I was free from what ever the ailment was I had until now 2 years later..... The past year I have been jogging on a regular basis, lifting weights and getting into shape, I do not know if that aggravated my condition but the weird thing is all my symptoms now are different.......

These days my muscles twitch all the time and it can be anywhere on my body. Sometimes I feel like my throat is closing up and I cant breath though I can (doctor thought it was anxiety). I am getting brain fog now, someone talks to me and I have to have them repeat themselves maybe partly because I am not fully paying attention. I have to used the restroom all the time due to not being able to empty my bladder or irritable Bowls. My skin/muscles in certain areas are sore to touch. I am having some chest discomfort when I move and when I sneeze my chest will crack or pop though not painful (this might be unrelated and due to a weightlifting injury I might need to get checked). Also I did have some itchy skin when I first was diagnosed with Fybro but now on one of my elbows I have developed an intense itchy spot where the skin has lost some color. The dermatologist gave me some cream which has stopped the itching but the spot is still discolored. She seems concerned about it because she believes that I have lost some hair there and that is not a good sign, though upon observation it doesn't look much different from the other arm. If it doesn't clear up I will need to get a biopsy in a month in a half.

Anyway I was wondering if Fybromyalgia can go into remission for up to 2 years then come back with different symptoms than what I first had? Is this common I don't seem to have any trigger points anymore that are that painful and I do not need to take pain medication right now but I have all these annoying symptoms I discussed above that are really bothering and worrying me. I also have a swollen lymph node behind my ear that I just got. It is making it hard to enjoy life. Should I go back to my neurologist even though I do not have extreme discomfort like I did last time?

On a side note I am also a very big worry wart and high-strung which I inherited from my mother.

Thanks in advance,

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