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while fibo can be labled and has been labled a trash can dx simply because it is not heard about like cancer or heart diease cases..anyway, alot of research has been done on it over the years..around 4/99 Fibromyalgia was finially recognized as a medically determinable impairment by Social Security.[/QUOTE]

Cantell, thanks for your response, too!

I'm so sorry, by the way, if my response made it seem that I didn't think fibro was a disease; that wasn't my intention. I was just sort of surprised that the rheum didn't feel for RA nodules or check for sensitivity/swelling in my finger or feet joints... not to mention that he wasn't going to do anything like x-rays until I pushed. I would think that someone who was complaining specifically of symmetrical joint pains (esp. in the small bones of the hands and feet where RA shows up) would be thoroughly evaluated for RA first, you know? But he immediately said, "Clinically, you do not present with RA."

You and bluelakelady offer great advice about staying on top of treatment and doctors. And I highly doubt you are a wimp! ;)

I think my biggest irritation yesterday was with[I] myself[/I]. I worry that perhaps I'd projected too much of my "I'm going to deal with this and just let it be a minor inconvenience" mantra that I've been telling myself for two months, and that I didn't reveal that certain things hurt as they do because I'm kind of in denial. Maybe that's why I subconsiously pushed for those lab tests!

Anyway, thanks so much for the great responses!


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