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I am writing to the boards with hope that someone out there will have some much needed advice for me. I am a 53 year old woman who has had Hashi's since 1995. I am also on estrogen, because of a complete hysterectomy 1994 and cholestral meds also. About a month ago I notice that I was having some trouble swallowing as it felt like I have something caught in my throat and now my voice has become so hoarse, I can hardly talk at times. I have noticed an increase in muscle aches, pains, twitching, eye pain and puffiness, headaches, some nausea and anxiety. So last week I went to my regular family doctor who felt my thyroid and said he didn't feel any lumps or nodules. He then ran a panel of blood tests and a TSH test which all came back within the normal ranges. My TSH was 1.8. I was left with all of my symptoms and no answers so I went to another doctor here in my home town who wanted to run the full thyroid panel and it too came back normal and she examined my thyroid and said she felt no nodules but that she wanted me to go through an MRI for MS (multiple sclerosis). I don't have all the symptoms of MS but the swallowing, voice hoarseness, pains and eye problems can be MS so I am going through an MRI tomorrow. I still have the tender area in my neck, which is in the area of the thyroid (lower right area) and the hoarseness continues as do the other symptoms. My muscles are all extremely tense and sore and my eyes ache, hurt and have trouble focusing most of the time. I had my eyes examined back in March and at that time hadn't changed much in the last two years. I do wear glasses but my prescription was hardly changed. Back when I first started noticing the voice changes and soreness when swallowing was about a month ago but I've had the muscle aches and pains since I was first diagnoses with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Last Tuesday I went to the local emergency room as I started having symptoms of extreme weakness, tingling in my arms, feeling faint and just out of it. After they ran me through a series of tests, heart monitors, EKG's, etc., it was determined that my tests were all normal. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone gone through the same problems that I am going through? My aches and pains are there most of the time but can be much more severe other times. Thanks.

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