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I need to say this so that those who are new to fibromyalgia knows that at this time there is no cure for fibromyalgia but you can go into Remission.

There are theories of how one got fibromyalgia but there has not been found one exact cause of fibromyalgia. Although we do know that stress is one we need to stay away from to help ease fibromyalgia. If they knew what the exact cause of fibromyalgia was they would work on an cure. What we do have is research for best treatment for it. At this present time the best we can hope for is an miracle, going into remission or finding what treatment will work for each one of us.

For an person who has gone into remission does not mean that they are cured. Being in Remission is just that and the symptoms can come back again. One can also remain in Remission for the rest of their lives but there is always an chance that they can come out of Remission. I had an remission and the symptoms of fibromyalgia came back after about an year and half. I got sick and had to have surgery and afterwards the symptoms came back and worse than the first time. We need to know this and we also need to know that one treatment can work for one and not work for another. Our bodies are different and I believe because we are at different stages of fibromyalgia, we don't always benefit from an treatment that does help another.

Also, if one of us don't do an treatment and do another then that is what is best for those people at that time in their lives. With any new med, supplement or another type of treatment, should always be talked over with your doctor. If you take something without consulting your doctor - because it may have adverse reaction when mixing with your present med that is prescribed for you - and you end up in emergency, your doctor could get very upset with you for not consulting him or her about it. They do have an right to stop treating you as their patient, and it could make them think that you don't trust them enough to even talk it over with him or her. That's not fair to them or yourself. If you don't like what your doctor says or that you aren't being treated for your illness, then you have the right to find an doctor that you can consult with about anything.

Have an Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!


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