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[QUOTE=Hope4All;3417431]I was DX'd by my regular Dr and then that diagnosis was confirmed by a Rheumatologist. I took my Physical Therapy and still continue this on a daily basis.

My regular Dr put me on Neurontin for my IBS and Im hoping it helps my Fibro too. It seems to be doing nothing but he may have to up the dosage.....I'm going to make an appt with him to go over this with him. I know its like Lyrica but thankfully I have NO side effects from this drug.

Don't worry about ruffling my feathers........I just got caught off guard, I felt like you were attacking me for taking narcotics and you didn't know all the other meds I have tried in the past 6-7yrs.


Believe me I know about trying different meds to control symptoms of fm. I am 68 and have been trying them for 40 years...Thankfully mine has went into remission at times so maybe it will for you too...I do know that stress of any kind, mental or physical (even a cold) will set it off and running...anything you can do that helps you relax is helpful...I am glad that now, it is a recognized syndrome and its being studied...hopefully there will be a lot of help for us in the future....take care....

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