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Dear sayamyb,

I wish the words I am about to type were more positive, however, the symptoms you've described and even the car accident trauma and injuries prior, are almost exactly the same as my situation. Trauma can indeed be a trigger, among many others.

The symptoms you have are exactly the same symptoms I experienced after a serious car collision in 2004. I was in physio 4 days a week and working reduced hours as part of the rehab. The physio treatments ended about 2.5 mths after the accident and I was back to work full-time, then the insurance company told me my claim was being closed. Two months or so later I was in to see my family doctor for a follow-up and mentioned the lower back pain and pain/burning down the back and side of my right leg (which never seemed to go away or get better during or after the physio treatments). I also mentioned fatigue I had been having that seemed to be getting progressively worse.

Long story short, I had started a new job just before my accident and was so worried that I was going to lose said job (I am a single parent/one income household) that I pushed through the fatigue, pain and discomfort as much and as long as I could, until things really started getting worse 5-6 mths later....that is when more symptoms started presenting themselves, and much like your story, there was a different symptom showing up every week...just kept accumulating, one after another in a short span (the exact same symptoms plus a few more, that you have described). I realize it's not what you were hoping to read, but your situation and symptoms really hit close to home for me. I was finally officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (at age 36) this past June'07....and the accident was Nov'04. Needless to say, I wasn't one of the ones who rec'd the proper treatment or diagnosis early enough, so my doctors and I are currently struggling to find a medication regimen and treatment plan that works for me....but I still have hope.

It sounds like you may be in a position with your doctors to receive an early diagnosis, which means you may be more successful in finding a treatment plan and medication regimen that works for you. Also, FMS can go into remission, though the key is proper treatment in the early stages (within first 6 mths from what my specialist has told me)...research is showing that those patients have a better chance at remission. So try to be/stay hopeful and as positive as you can...less stress means less discomfort (physically and mentally). :)

My thoughts are with you and those close to's a difficult time for all involved, this we all know. Living with a chronic pain disorder is a family affair, and it's important to have a support system in place if you do not have one already. Best wishes for a full recovery and a better tomorrow. *hugs*

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