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Chronic Fatigue - Main symptom is severe fatigue for more than 6 months. It is also associated with swollen lymph glands, persistant sore throat, sleep disruption, unrefreshing sleep, GI/abdominal pain (like irritable bowel), and a couple other things.

Fibromyalgia - Main symptom is pain. Other symptoms are fatigue, widespread muscle/body aches (possible 18 sensitive points on the body) and spasms, joint pain without redness and swelling, brain fog, GI/abdominal pain, sleep disruption, unrefreshing sleep, and more

They are considered to be very similar syndromes and are usually grouped together. Your mom probably has muscle pain as her main symptom, where as yours is probably fatigue. Many people have both diagnosis.

It/they are very discouraging diseases to have and it can be difficult to get the medical attention you need. I would love to hear your story. Good luck.

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