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Hi All,
Long story short, I've had chronic pelvic pain since 2003. Over the past three years I've developed new symptoms and pain is increasing. It started out as a mild flu-like feeling. Rheumy thinks it could be fibromyalgia syndrome, neurologist called it could be mixed connective tissue disease, a mish mash diagnosis to me. Do my symptoms below sound like fibro? I'm so tired of not really knowing what's wrong with me. I'm 53 and feel like 80. I still work full time but every day I suffer with horrible pain. I started on Savella but only a fourth of the way through starter pack and no noticable difference yet. Tried Lyrica and Cymbalta but did not like the side effects, though Cymbalta helped alot. Do many of you have to use narcotics to get through the day? Thanks for you time and response.

Chronic sore throat/acid reflux
Chronic pelvic pain
Bladder irritation and spams (interstitial cystitis ruled out)
Stabbing pain in muscles, joints, tendons - pain moves around and is different every day
Ringing ears
Back (sacral) and hip pain
Pain on inside of both feet
Muscle twitches and spasms in legs, arms, chest sometimes
Hair loss
Scalp tenderness
tingling weird sensations in scalp
Weight gain
Flu like feeling
Sweating then cold

That's enough!

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