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I am new to the site, but I've read ALOT of threads and I feel I can get helpful insights / feedback without getting people's comments of negative nature / damning me for the medication I've been prescribed.

This is a long post, but I'd appreciate it if you took the time to read all of it and post any thoughts, advice, or experience that would be helpful.

No major accidents / trauma / abuse / life altering events
The pain in my thoracic region has been going on for over 3+ years
Low back / hip pain started initially around October 2008 and found out in March 2009 that my hip was severly out of alignment.
I've seen 2 Neurosurgeons: Diagnosis - nothing wrong; I have an appointment tomorrow with a different one and expect the same response.
I've seen 2 Pain Management MD's: Diagnosis - first said Chronic Myofasical Syndrome, but he EXTREMELY over medicated and was unprofessional during a trigger point injection AND the second has yet to come up with a diagnosis. He has said that if my Nuclear Bone Scan is normal that they'll try more / different types of FM medication because as of yet the findings do not explain why I hurt as bad as I hurt.
I've seen 1 Neurologist: Diagnosis - form of RLS (because my arms & legs twitch) & possibly narcalepsy (unable to stay awake during the day).
I see my PCP frequently: He feels that I might have a mild to moderate case of FM mixed with other things.

Symptoms: (starting from head to foot)
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Migraines occur 1-2 times per week lasting 4-8 hours. The migraines are progressive and start with a deep aching pain at the base of the neck and travel behind the ear into the temple, behind the eye, and ends at the top of the skull.
- CONSTANT deep dull aching pain between the shoulder blades & spine that radiates into the shoulder blades and into the top of the shoulders. (Have had for 3+ years).
- Intense burning pain that travels along the perimeter of both shoulder blades.
- Deep dull aching pain primarily in my forearms, wrists/fingers, but sometimes in my biceps.
- CONSTANT mixture of deep dull & sharp stabbing pain in the low back/hip area (apprx 2-3" from the spine right above BOTH hips). (Have had for 1+ year).
- Intense burning pain that radiates into both buttocks cheeks, but sometimes will go further into the left leg.
- Deep dull aching pain in the tailbone.
- Sporadic sciatic-like pain in the left leg.
- Deep dull aching pain in both legs (primarily left thigh, but some times right thigh; knees; calves; ankles). If after sitting for awhile I'll have jabbing electrifying pains in my knees and ankles.
- Sporadically it'll feel like my right side of my lower-back, side, & stomach is on fire if something touches the area; when bathing it feels like my wash cloth is sand paper to my chest.
- Moderate to severe muscle / joint stiffness in the morning
- Pain is worse in the morning (until 11-12) & then worsens in the evening (around 4-5).
- SEVERE fatigue even after sleeping 4-8 hours. (Was prescribed Nuvigil 250 mg, because unable to stay awake during the day. The med helps but at times I have episodes where I have to fight to keep my eyes open).
- Forgetfulness (well not sure if that's a symptom or if it's just me .. lol)
- When talking I can't seem to "find the right word to say" (my wife hates it because sometimes it takes me awhile to finish my sentences / thought)
- Numbness / Tingling in my left foot and toes as well as in my left hand and fingers.
- When standing (after sitting or crouching) I'll have a really bad head rush
- Uncontrollable twitches / jerks in both arms and legs during the day & while sleeping. Any increase in activity causes an increase in the number and severity of twitches I have.
- HORRIBLE nasal allergies & dry eyes (not sure if these are applicable).

Things that Aggravate my symptoms:
- Sitting, standing, walking for 20-30 minutes (sitting & standing primarily).
- Weather changes (cold/wet causes the most pain).
- Any repetitive or strenuous activity (I'll hurt for a few days).
- Any increase of stress

- COMPLETE Bloodwork and negative results for stuff like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritus, Thyroid & ect); but did find that my testosterone level was EXTREMELY low and have been placed on supplements.
4 MRI's
- Brain - yup had one (everything normal .. Surprisingly)
- Cervical - C5-C6 Broad 1 mm disc buldge; C6-C7 1 mm left-sided disc buldge
- Thoracic - mild degeneration on T10-T11
- Lumbar - L4-L5 Broad 1 mm disc buldge; L5-S1 Broad 1 mm disc buldge
- 2 EMG nerve tests (all normal)
- Sleep Study - Very very mild apnea, but inability to get proper Delta Wave percentage. They said you're supposed to have 20-25 percent of delta sleep and I averaged 4-5 percent.
- Nuclear Bone Scan is pending

Opana 10 mg (1 every 6 hrs); Opana ER 20 mg (1 every 12 hrs); Baclofen 10 mg (1-2 every 4 hrs); Neurontin 800 mg (x3 / day); Cymbalta 60 mg; Nuvigil 250 mg (x1 / day); Lorazepam .5 mg (up to x3 / day); Androgel 5mg; Maxalt-MLT (as needed)

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