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In the beginning I took all kinds of meds. I was a mess. It took several years to finally swallow my pride and quit doing the normal things that would trigger my flare-ups, like cleaning house top to bottom before familiy or guests come to visit. That was something I used to have no problem with. My doctor gave me some good advice one day. If you are going to hurt, pick what is worth hurting for. For example, I have 4 boys. They wanted to go on a trip to the snow. I could either clean my house (which would flare me for 2 days), or do the laundry (you might say laundry? Yes! Just pulling the wet clothes out of the washer some days was agonizingly painful for my hands, arms & back), or take a preventive med in advance and go to the snow and enjoy the day spending quality time with my family and building memories for my kids. I would usually take an NSAID or naproxen together with a flexeril to minimize spasms and vicoden for breakthrough pain to get throught a day in the snow, and I was only going to be watching, take pictures etc... I cannot go sledding! But it was important to just be there with the family, for the kids and husband. If I hurt real bad I would take ambien to help me sleep that night and I always would plan on NOTHING to do the next day.So that is now my motto. Pick and choose what is worth hurting for. I work part time and that is something that is now put on hold as I am going through this painful episode. But it is temporary. Now my boys are 12, 13, 17 & 19 so I get alot of help around the house. But you can imagine how busy I still am with those kids. My fibro went into a sort of "remission" at the 10 year mark from when all my pains started. I can't explain it. I did nothing different. Medications and prayer when I would hurt. During a year a half of almost no pain at all I was able to start walking more, and then jogging and roller blading/biking with my boys. They were so thrilled to do this with me. I lost 30 lbs and started toning my muscles with little weights. I could run up and down my stairs. It was like a miracle! Then one day I went to dentist to put a crown on a tooth and when he was numbing me the needle hit something that jolted me like a lightening bolt. I was crying and in pain and they had to stop for a bit. Then it got all numb, I figured I was ok and they continued. By that night the numbness wore off and I almost ended up in the ER. The pain was excruciating and I had vertigo so bad the dizziness made me very sick I could not turn my head or I would vomit. The hopital gave me anti nausea meds and other stuff to help, never had that happen before, had to get narcotics for pain relief. I was in horrible pain for several weeks on my jaw and into my ear and head. All my fibro symptoms came back when that happend. My doctor said he must have hit the nerve along my jaw line and it was a shock/trauma to my body and it responded in kind with all my fibro symptoms coming back. So for the last 2 years I am now back on neurontin, flexeril, vicodin for breakthrough pain and naproxen and percocet as needed as I have recently had spinal issues due to discs protruding into spinal cord that caused a flare up so bad I was in wheel chair and ended in ER and they kept thinking it was my fibromyalgia. I had to insist with my doctor it was NOT and please find out what is wrong and they finally did mri and figured out I was RIGHT! So don't always assume all your pain is fibro if something feels really different to you. I had numbness from head to toe on right side of my body and the burning was more intense than usual and I knew it was not the fibro but it sure triggered my fibro to go into high gear. I apologize that this is so long but I hope my story can help someone. I still have a few things I enjoy. I was working part time but can no longer do it due to the pain and brain fog is so bad at times it is just impossible to work. I don't know how others are doing it. My husband keeps telling me to apply for ssdi but I don't think I can if I worked very minimally the last few years due to pain. Only 2 hours a day during a school year (I worked at a school) till finally I had to leave my job because it wasn't worth the pain it caused. It's hard financially but we are surviving somehow. l sing and play keyboard in our band at church. And I work with teens in a youth group. Have been doing that for years and it is something I choose to hurt for because it is something I value...helping others, but with the fibro symptoms going through its cycle and with my spinal issues now I am taking some time off from everything to heal. It is hard to stop doing the things that bring me joy but I know it is temporary. NEVER GIVE UP! Each day is a new day!:angel:

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