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Re: Broke my toe
Apr 11, 2015
[QUOTE=JustMeJen;5356482]That sounds awful. I am so glad you were able to get in to the surgeon so quickly. It sounds like you need something to help take some of the pressure off that foot. I know it's hard when you have an AFO already on the other leg. I wore an AFO-like brace while delaying my surgery and one day I slipped on ice going in to work and sprained the other ankle. That was put in a soft cast and I wound up walking like a pregnant hippopotamus for a few weeks. And that was just a minor injury.

I had a lot of trouble with my "good" foot when I was on crutches and NWB. I was fine at home using the walker but if I had to go out and get around on the crutches it didn't take very long before my "good" foot was on fire with PTTD pain for being slammed into the floor over and over. My good foot hurt a lot more than the surgical one after the first few weeks, at least on days I had to be somewhere which wasn't often. So I do know a little about how it feels to have that good foot breaking down while you hope it stops.

I don't know what to say to help your frustration; I would feel the same way. I am glad you have a surgeon you trust and don't have to go through the process of deciding how you feel about someone new. That's been comforting with this broken toe; I know if I have to go back to have it checked pretty much exactly how my dr will respond.

Hope you get through the next 11 days as comfortably and safely as possible. I went through a long wait last spring with my ankle giving out and making me fall over and over and it was awful. I went to the beach and couldn't stand in the ocean because it knocked me over and I couldn't walk in the sand without a brace so I mostly sat in the hard-packed wet sand and collected sea shells and watched everyone else. There were things I wanted to do that I just couldn't and it was really frustrating. I was so glad to get through that time and will always remember how it felt. I didn't care when I couldn't do things after surgery but the months leading up to it were hard. I was sent to PT by a delusional dr who thought my tears could be fixed by PT somehow and my torn AFTL ruptured during a PT session a couple of days after I fell down the stairs and my laptop flew up and landed on my mouth, breaking a tooth. It was just awful. So you have my full sympathy. The only good thing about looking at my right foot is that I don't know 100% what I will have to go through; it won't be a repeat of the left. It will be the same recovery process but variatio in procedures. I'm not sure that makes 6 weeks of bedrest any easier but what will be will be and I'm hoping to make it a LONG time before this gets worse.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Jen! I hope its a long time before your right foot gets any worse! Sent you a friend add too :) Just to note!

And yes my ankle feels pretty awful most of the time lol and I am surprised but glad my GP put it down as needing to be seen urgently! Lucky for me I have a great lady GP as well who is very nice at the same time.

And yes it probably does need some pressure taken off problem is I can't take all the pressure off as I don't want to risk the ankle that has the AFO from going again as some nights have gone to bed with aches in the repaired ligaments cause of it now taking most of my weight. And I know its not funny but it gave me a bit of a laugh about your description of waddling around like a pregnant hippopotamus! Thanks its good to have others that kinda know what you are going through that you can vent too. My mum just gets tired of my going over it when I get my down in the dumps moods over it. Shes great helping me etc but it does bring her down too.

And just talking to you has helped my frustration :) I appreciate it. All I needed was someone to vent too!

Most of the time on this site I don't get a response if I post my own venting thread so its good to just have someone to talk too. And yes I see your point about hoping the good leg won't go but knowing it slowly is going. Not fun for me mine just went I had no warning. I was kinda worried awhile ago it might but when it didn't I was relieved so I didn't believe it was possible.

And I know that feeling about wanting to do things with others and not being able to and feeling left out. I went through that at easter and my mum was going crook at me cause I pushed myself a bit cause I just wanted to watch what my cousins were doing and spend time with them but couldn't so pushed myself a bit and ended up with a sore ankle cause of it.

Am also trying to keep muscle up as my muscle loss was a problem before the last surgery as I can loose my muscle so quickly but am limited with teh amount of time I can do things sometimes I push it till each step I take hurts. But I just want to do things and it is not fun not being able too.

But I still try to get out for 10 to 15 minutes a few times each day with my dog and do a couple of things for a short time to at least have some enjoyment but its pushing it and I can't do things for long.

Thanks for the wishes over the next 11 days. Guess we shall see how it goes with it all and comfort etc. Particulary since I can't just go around with no weight on the foot. Though this foot had a lot of flexibility before it went and my other foot isn't as flexible after my last surgeries. But yes I always was able to turn my feet in quite a bit lol but hopefully all will work out.

Honestly I am just relieved to get into the surgeon so quickly to start the scans process etc and find out what has to be done lol. And hopefully it will go quickly and in the meantime I just have to keep doing what I can.

Thanks so much for chatting with me and sharing experiences and I hope you don't know 100% what is going wrong with your foot its kinda scary when the pains are very similar to your other foot in the past.

Wishing you all the best and hope your broken toe heals soon too.
Re: Broke my toe
Apr 11, 2015
Glad my pregnant hippo thing made you smile. It's better to laugh at that than it is to look back and think about what that was like. Even the fall was really embarrassing; I was walking into my office with a computer back-pack that was quite full on my back and I think a bag in my hand (and the computer bag had a computer and another expensive electrical device in it) and I slipped on black ice on a main street across from a bunch of kids going to college classes. The backpack flipped me like a turtle and I had to struggle to flip onto my hands and knees to get up. It was not very dignified, nor were the next 2 or 3 weeks.

The one thing I guess I have going for me is that if I do wind up needing more surgery on the other foot it will be different. So I will only know what some of it is like. But my surgeon is really conservative so the recovery periods are about the same for all his patients, at least until getting into the boot. It may deviate after that but it is 6 weeks of bedrest, 10 weeks of casting, then a boot for a long time. But if I have to do it I have to do it. I'd rather that than deal with pain for years again. Hopefully it will last a long time before anything happens.

The thing I don't think I could bear would be having this surgery fail and needing to repeat it. I know I'd survive but this one feels like I've put in my time on it and am ready to move on. I have only had the one minor sprain on the right so there isn't as much risk of it needing a repeat of the left.

I know how hard it is to not feel like anyone wants to talk about it. My family was pretty impatient by surgery day and kept telling me to calm down and that I was so anxious about this. Well, it was the biggest medical thing I'd ever been through. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and that wasn't nearly as big as this and it still took a long time to feel ok so I was afraid this would be even worse and I had no idea how I'd handle bedrest. I also just didn't have my questions answered fully and accurately; my dr turns this over to his nurse and she's....odd. Like she wouldn't really tell me how long recovery would be and while i knew I had 2 weeks of bedrest I wasn't warned that it was really 6. Or that the recovery takes a year didn't mean I'd be a little weak for a year, I'd be working hard to recover for a year. Nor did she tell the dr I was refusing the nerve block which created quite an interesting couple of hours in the hospital. I had my reasons for not wanting it and he insisted I have it and this conversation should never, ever have happened in the nerve block room just outside the operating room. It should have been in person when I let her know I was not planning to agree to it. My reasons were valid and his reasons were valid and it just could have been handled so much better but she didn't do her job with that. Any time I contacted her I got weird advice.

Could you tolerate a boot with the AFO? I know I've seen the combination but I have no idea how comfortable it is.

You know, after enough injuries my ankle kind of stopped swelling. I have absolutely no idea how or what the mechanics of that possibly could be, but it just didn't. It didn't bruise either. Last March I turned it completely under (my mom saw it so that's witnessed and not just what it felt like) and it got a little puffy yet I tore my peroneals, probably re-tore my AFTL and CFTL and probably did some damage in the joint as well given that I had a LOT of stuff in there and they removed most of my cartilage as far as I can tell. It hurt but the dr. didn't even put me in a boot (he thought about it and decided not to) because I wasn't swollen enough. He also didn't really check it and missed my popping peroneals because of that as well. Even after surgery I have very, very little swelling or bruising (I got my surgical cast off on day 5 so expected it to look horrible and it didn't look much different than normal). I of course take credit for that being due to my elevation but truthfully it just doesn't swell much. Through PT and even now it will get puffy and sometimes a little bruised looking (but I have really fair skin and I think that's the only reason I see bruising usually) but I landed on it when it was in a night splint maybe 11 or 12 weeks post-op and it didn't swell, I tore a bunch of scar tissue and it didn't swell. So I started to wonder if there is a point that things are so stretched out that you just don't swell anymore.

Muscle loss is annoying. Because I was on bedrest so long I really lost a lot of strength and am really just getting it back now. I was in a brace until Dec. 31 and then braced for risky activities and unfortunately our whole winter was risky so I didn't really get out of the brace until mid-March. So I'm just now walking long distances without a brace and trying to learn to walk correctly without it. I really need to go back to PT because I seem to have tendonitis in my hip (really my butt but that's so strange to say) but the timing isn't really good. I have bipolar and am in the middle of a big flare-up and am not sleeping much. And combining PT with that would be really hard. So hopefully I can get my sleep fixed and then move on to PT soon. Plus I have a weird week coming and time will be hard to find, plus my stupid toe needs to be healed before PT starts. So hopefully in a few weeks. I don't think the tendonitis is going anywhere soon; I think it probably has been there for months and I just found it because I added a new exercise and it hurts a lot with that movement.

I hope you are having a little better day. I need to try to sleep but feel free to keep writing. I know it's hard having to wait and then to do the stop and go thing while you get tests done and then wait for surgery. And since I'm not sleeping I've got lots of time for other things :).

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