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Hey alestor91 :) I would say go ahead and try to get the surgery yes they recommend physio etc first but sometimes if the syndesmosis injury is bad enough or they misdiagnose they never get better properly! Trust me I know I am in the same boat myself.

My left ankle is in a brace after 3 surgeries cause it wasn't treated when it was first done! In fact it was treated 7 years down the track. I had a brostrom and pins put in first! Then pins removed then it tore again (Mine never gets properly better) So the surgeon went back in and put wires in my ankle so I now have what is called a tightrope in my ankle permanently which stops my tibia and fibula bone from constantly spreading and always causing the syndesmosis to tear. It also meant I kept reinjuring my brostrom repair and I am not sure if I am now living without the ATFL or not! My second opinion surgeon whilst doing a good thing prescribing the hinged AFO brace wasn't easy to talk to and put the blame back on me not being easy to talk too when he would ask us what happened we would start from the beginning and he would interrupt saying no that's not what I want to know etc! I didn't like him at all.

Just recently my right ankle has now also gone and after seeing my gp and my history with my left ankle I have now been urgently referred back to my first surgeon who did the 3 operations and that I trust.

Particularly when I am certain its the same thing since I have very similar symptoms to what I had with my other ankle. Problem is I can't get off the foot as my left foot whilst being a lot better still is unable to take all my weight through it and I am also living with arthritis too which has come from it not being treated for so long.

I now am unable to do much yet again. I wasn't the most physical before it happened but at least with the brace and surgery I was able to walk my dog and go swimming etc again which now my right ankle went (did nothing to cause it to happen the ligaments etc just went on Easter Friday) I am back to being very limited with what I do and am yet again living with pain and swelling in my foot.

Please get it treated! They say with this injury that if you don't get it treated within a month of having it happen it will never be good again. And that is what has happened for me. I still have the odd problems with my left ankle but its better than it was before. I just now have to go to see my surgeon again on the 22nd April and am expecting referals for MRI scans etc and then am expecting with my history I will probably have to go in for surgery and to have wires put in. As if my ligaments are so weak they give out with no cause or doing anything really physical it could happen again I feel if it isn't pinned or wires put in. Honestly if something like that wasn't done with the history of my other ankle and all the grief it caused my surgeon I would be so scared of it just giving out again down the track in the future.

Honestly I am hoping he says surgery like I am expecting as I am a cripple now with both legs at the age of 29 years old and I walk like a granny and am on crutches and unable to do much.

I wish you the best with it and I know what you are experiencing having the same injury myself but not through sports just through my ligaments or something being weak and giving out! I honestly have no idea how it happens or what the cause is that is doing it and am hoping my surgeon can work it out.

I have now been living with a bung left ankle for over 9 years and now my right ankle has gone on me too! So am now hobbling around everywhere like a granny! Even my mum jokes when I mention it that I look like a granny lol.

Please take care of yourself and this injury. If you don't the best years of your life will be gone and you will have nothing to show for it. I have spent most of my 20's with my injury and have nothing to show. Not even many friends etc.

Hope this helps and best wishes.

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