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Usually I don't. I do sometimes and sometimes I know why and sometimes I don't. But when I do it's always just because I've pushed further than I am used to or I stepped on something wrong and my ankle wobbled and didn't like that. I am still not walking completely normally. I was supposed to be done with the brace except for risky activities Dec. 31 but thanks to the bad winter here I have only been out of the brace for a month and am still learning to walk without it. I was braced for so long before surgery that having nothing is proving to be tricky. I think I'm improving but I have tendonitits or something in my hip and I don't think I'm going to walk perfectly until that is all better. I need to go back to PT but am having bipolar issues right now and have to deal with that first.

You definitely aren't describing the same thing my dr warned me about. You are describing more how I felt the first 3-4 months post-op in the peroneal area.

I hope you can see your dr soon. This would frustrate me quite a bit.

[QUOTE=ankle problems;5357571]Do you have pain walking? I can't walk more than 30 minutes before limping.[/QUOTE]

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