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i got into my shoe with a brace at about 2 months post op. it took me longer than you before i could drive my car safely. i didn't have the strength to slam on the brakes hard and doing so would hurt me so i didn't bother.

for whatever reason i had a good amount of flushing and swellling post op, even at 6 weeks after i would walk around in the boot and take it off. i would have to rice.

my body reacted very well to going back into the shoe though and im about 1 year post op and i haven't had a flare up with swelling since so i feel bad for people talking about flare ups which i simply never experienced.

aches and pains is another story as well as coming out of nowhere. that was a weekly experience always making me take days off and it lasted for months post op for me.

luckily i haven't had my foot pop out or had the same burning, stabbing tugging pains that i did before surgery. i have been having a pinching pain that reminds me of early rehab, for the last couple months which freaks me out. but the structure of my repairs seems solid, my proprioception is still off.

i never felt like i did something to injure myself prior to dealing with all the sudden aches and pains that would make me take breaks. but when i look back at this point of all those times i was scared like you, probably beyond the 4th month post op mark, i was scared at the time that my progress would be lost and that i had hurt my repairs. frankly i always have something to complain about now when it comes to my operated foot :(

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