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I am now 5 1/2 weeks post op to my bunion surgery on my left foot.

The first day was great no pain. I had to walk on my heel with a surgical shoe semi weight bearing for the first 2 weeks after surgery. The second day after waking up every 2 hours setting alarms for pain killers, I had some pain but minimal I would recommend not waking yourself up to take them. I was sick on the night and had to ring 111 which they said it was probably the dirycocoideine.
The first week was difficult I used my crutches without putting weight on my foot because it was faster. I had an appointment at 5 days to have my bandage removed and a plaster put on it. It was nearly healed the incision much to my surprise.
I was advised to keep the plaster on for 3 days then take it off and bathe my foot in salt water. Then I can go back to normal bathing. Well I didn't take it off 5 days and then bathed it in salt water for 4 days. Then I had normal shower. Then I moisturised it twice a day and still put a plaster on to protect it.

Week 2 was still hard, was on my crutches still but walking with heeling bearing shoe. At 2 weeks I was told to be in a trainer. I found it impossible the first day and felt like I was getting no where. But the second day I got it on and it reduced the swelling.I kept it on till I went to bed.
I was now walking flat footed with normal trainers on still with my crutches. My stitches got irritation at where the ends where as they hadn't dissolved yet. But don't worry ot will be okay.

Post op 3 weeks

I really thought I was getting no where with my recovery and I felt really down. I had to start doing exercises on my foot and toe, not much movement but it didn't hurt. I wqs still on my crutches though and on day I decided to stop using them. O walked with a limp but I did it and it felt great. I went to the doctor at 3 weeks and 1 day to go back to work the next wweek. I am a manager at sainsburys local so it is a stand up job for at least 8 hour a day. Well I was not walking great so they told me another week off.
I got better and better walking on my foot and 3 weeks told to walk normal.

4 week post op

I was getting around alot better around the flat. I was taking the dog for walks, I was feeling really positive
I then went back to the doctors and they told me I can go back the next week with reduced hours and restricted hours. I spoke to my boss at 5 weeks and told hhim I didn't want reduced hours. I am back on full time now, the first day was hard mentally draining I had a break and sat down for total of 45 mins in my whole shift. But my foot was okay on the night not Much pain in it. The second day wqs much better. My foot has hardly pain in it at all, I still finding it difficult to walk normally so I still have a limp it is getting better now. My job is physical so you can go back to work, my operation has been a dream and I couldn't recommend it enough.

I really hope everyone else's surgery goes like mine

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