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[QUOTE=hurtzdonut;5362548]The best advice I can give is to slow down a bit and give this some serious thought and research. In my experience doctors do not like to do fusions on younger patients. Most only last about 10 years and have to be taken down and done again according to what I've read. Being young and active can shorten this time. They will limit your range of motion and can lead to knee, hip, and back problems down the road. You may not be as stable or secure in your footing working as a photographer. That can be an issue if you're not always focused on where you're moving.

Post another message asking for fusion advice. You can also search the archives as well.

As far as the OATS procedure with regard to insurance, you might be able to get the insurance to cover all but the OATS procedure itself. The biggest parts of my bill were anesthesia, facilities and support services.

Good luck.[/QUOTE]

I'm going to get my scans done again and head in to see the surgeon. Hopefully with updated scans I'll be much more well informed and might get quotes for the OATS surgery. My pain alternates between summer (very, very little pain) and winter (massive pain making it difficult to walk). Which sounds like the symptoms of arthritis.

Winter has just come around again which is making life difficult.

I am more and more regularly getting very sharp pains when putting the problem ankle down when walking. I'm worried that it might just be starting to give and the pain I feel is the bone wanting to roll out. Does anyone have experience with that?

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