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Daughter had an Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy on Apr 27th, including removal of a failed subtalar implant. The first four days were the toughest, but we kept ahead of the pain with round the clock painkillers. By day 5, she needed substantially less and by day 7 she only needed Tylenol. On day 10, she went to school for half a day, and then a full day on day 11.

The splint was big and cumbersome, so it helps that she's tall and is comfortable with crutches. I bought pads that fit over the underarm portion and they were a good investment. She said it felt much better than when she used crutches in the past. I was in the general vicinity, so if it appeared that it was too much too soon, I could pick her up from school. She was a little tired, but I think she appreciated being back in her normal schedule. Her friends and teachers gave her a hero's welcome. Kinda choked me up. So very nice.

Went back today for removal of splint. She was hoping to be placed into a cast that her friends could sign, but the doctor explained it's summer (almost), it's hot (reached 90 degrees here today), and that she'd be much more comfortable in a boot she could take off while at home. She was disappointed, but relented. Obviously non-weight bearing for several more weeks.

Her foot was a bit swollen but noticeably straighter, even with the swelling. She has a sore place on her pinky toe and around her big toe, most likely from the splint. The surgical incision is tender, and perhaps 3-4 inches long, so before she went to bed, I placed a long sock on her foot, but cut out the toes so they could breathe. She's sleeping now. We got a pretty blue boot cover to dress up the boot, for the morning.

Still early days and a ways to go, but every week progress is made!

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