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My feet were so flat that one almost turned over. I, now, have a nice arch in both feet due to a very, very good physical therapist who strengthened the muscles in my feet and legs. My toes were going to cross and, now, those two toes are nice and straight,thanks to this man. My feet were flat because of weak muscles in the legs and feet and hips. I also had bunion surgery on each foot years ago, only to have the toes to start crossing much later on in life. If you can get into some strengthening exercises, buy a slant board to stretch the muscles and try yoga plus look up strengthening exercises, you might see improvement, but it will not happen overnight and is something you must be persistent with.

Orthotics are HORRIBLE for my condition because they just made the muscles and tendons weaker. I also wore those and they did more damage than good. Good luck

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