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I went through an arthroscopic OCD debridement and MF surgery as well. I think it is a standard jumping off point for all such OCD injuries. Through my own reading and personal experience I don't think the procedure is much help except to qualify you for a more involved procedure like OATS.

I'm not a Dr. but I doubt that your two falls caused much of a problem. Typically an ocd is a flap of loose cartilage on top of the talar dome. They go in and remove this flap in most cases and clean up any loose material and then they use a sharp point to cause microfractures in the bone where the flap was. Supposedly this causes scar tissue cartilage to grow in where the missing cartilage is. Whether this new growth actually occurs or not, scar tissue cartilage is not nearly as smooth and slippery as your now missing original cartilage.

In effect, the problem is that you have bone riding on top of bone now with either no cartilage or inferior cartilage in between. Give your recovery some more time. You might be one of the lucky few that has a good outcome.

If a good outcome does not come to fruition I would begin by finding a board certified foot and ankle surgeon that specializes in OCD's of the talus. Avoid podiatrists. Do a search on The 26 Top Foot & Ankle Surgeons in North America: 2013 and pick two or three doctors near you and get their opinions. Don't be afraid to travel for these appointments. Your family doc can help with referrals if needed. My surgeon is not on that list but is still one of the worlds best and I traveled six hours one way to see him.

I know this is not what you wanted to hear but nearly all OCD sufferers go through this. I was worse off after the OCD debridement/MF procedure. A year later I finally had a allograft from a cadavar (two years ago) and I've been happy ever since.

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