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I speak from experience; The best thing you can do is get yourself into an exercise program of some sort where you stretch your muscles or else use a slant board or buy some yoga toes. The planta facia is like an elastic band that is under your foot and connects to the toes and heel and if that is tight, you will have all sorts of problems. PLEASE DO NOT LET ANYONE cut it because it is such a vital part of your walk. I had the inflammation years ago and just gently stretched the foot. It sounds to me as if your imbalance could be caused from your muscles and tendons being too tight, which was the case with me. They caused me to have hammer toes and bunions and then threw my walk way off as well as my balance. Good luck. Podiatrists are very, very eager to cut, so be careful! They are not as well schooled as an orthopedic man when it comes to surgery. OH! One of the worst things for your feet is orthotics-they ruined mine and made my legs very weak, so my advice is to get rid of those. when I was told to get rid of mine, I was very reluctant, but did and it was the best thing for my feet. Good luck. Yoga is also good, but take it very, very easily and slowly. I have a brother who, recently, told me that he thought he may have to have bunion surgery and I asked him to try the Yoga toes first. He could not believe the benefit he got and is still getting from them and now is telling everyone about them. They line your feet and heels up properly and you can get them on Amazon, if interested.

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