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About 5 days ago I injured my Big toe when I connected with the ball during a kickball game. It hurt very badly and the entire nail was black within 5 minutes. The next day it was very swollen and painful, so I had a vet at my lab sterilize it and drill holes through the nail with a flamed needle to relieve pressure. Most of the blood under the nail came out and it felt much better, but a couple days later I noticed bruising around the base of my nail and the skin is very tight. When I press on it I can feel the nail move as if it is lifted from the bed under my skin at and just past the cuticle. The skin is also raised and purple/red around the nail bed. It is not as swollen or painful and I keep antibiotics on it so I don't think it's infected. Should I have the nail removed? Will it eventually grow out and detach or will it prevent the new nail from growing correctly? The nail is not detaching anywhere else, so I fear it will have to be removed from under my skin.

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