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Hi, I think I have Mortons Neuroma. I have mentioned it to 2 Doctors and they aren't concerned at all, one gave me some diclofenic lotion samples that doesn't help. It is really getting hard to walk on it. I have not been diagnosed by a Doctor but searched the internet and that's almost what it sounds like.

Both feet have been getting very cold like in a bucket of ice water, a burning pain with a lot of numbness for about 3 years. Now it feels like I am walking on a wadded up sock, in the foot at the base of my toes. The baby toe and the one next to it are numb/burning and ache to walk on and the wadded up sock feeling is between the middle toe and the one next to the baby toe.

That sounds like the Mortons neuroma I thought, but the burning in the past few months has been climbing up my leg and is now going all the way up to the mid thigh on the front to inside of leg. That I don't think sounds like the neuroma?? Does it??

I have never been to a foot doctor and hate to just pick one, I've had some really bad luck with Doctors around here, they hurt you for life. I'm in Mid Michigan and at my wit's end. Should I go to the UofM Medical Center for something like this? I already have pulmonary fibrosis and hate to waste any time in surgery and recovery but can't go on like this. Have I let it go too long? I also see there isn't really a very good success rate for that surgery. Any thoughts or personal experience would really be appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance,

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