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I started PT last week (6-1/2 weeks post-surgery. I am doing the range of motion exercises but can't believe the pain and swelling they are causing. I also started walking in sneakers (vs. Surgical shoe), practicing a normal gait where I roll through my toes. Has anyone else had this much pain from PT? I don't see my doctor or PT for another 2 weeks.
Have you seen your doctor or PT yet? Just curious as to what they've said. I'm 6.5 weeks post-op bunion/hammertoe surgery and have been doing the big toe exercises for a week. I was told not to be afraid to force the toe to the maximum range of motion. It hurts! But I was told that if it doesn't hurt then I'm not pushing far enough. You have to get that joint's flexibility back. This is my 3rd bunion correction surgery (right foot done once, currently healing from 2nd time on left) and I wish I'd have followed post-op instructions in the past or I wouldn't have had a recurring bunion. Also I remember being afraid of the pain from pt on my right foot so I do not have full range of motion in my right big toe because I didn't push through the pain. I can tell you that after only 7 days I've got much better movement in my big toe and can push it further before feeling pain than I could 7 days ago. My foot also swells anytime it's not elevated which makes it very uncomfortable wearing my sneakers for too long. I'm supposed to slowly start weight-bearing this week. I guess we'll see how that goes. I know from past experience it takes about 12 weeks for the bone to fully heal and swelling can take up to 6 months to diminish completely. But, everyone heals differently and at different rates. I hope this helps!

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