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On April 25th I was at a concert and stumbled and fell backwards. In the process I broke my fibula. A week later my orthopedic doctor told me my ankle mortise was spreading and surgery was needed. May 11 I had ORIF surgery to fix the fibula (2nd time, ten years ago I broke both Tib/fib in the same leg but only had my Tib surgically repaired) and they put a longer screw through my Tib/fib. 2 weeks post op I was put into a hard cast for 8 weeks NWB. July 23 I went in and got a walking boot, still NWB. Doc said everything was looking great. August 6th I had the long screw removed and was told to start weight bearing. I can do small quick steps with no help, otherwise I need a walker or crutches. They told me no boot necessary. Most of the pain is gone. When I walk now it hurts below my ankle in my foot, my heel hurts pretty bad, and sometimes where the top of my foot meets my leg it hurts pretty bad. I can use one crutch and get around decent. I only have pain when weightbearing. Is it unrealistic and unreasonable for me to think that I'm doing poorly so soon? I mean I've only been bear in weight for 8-9 days and this time last week putting any weight on It made it feel like it was gonna collapse on me and the nerve pain was unbearable. I guess it's because my last broken leg I had no troubles, however it was a different injury and different recovery. I was walking in a cast and was only down for two months total before resuming a normal life. I'll be four months in late this month.

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