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Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm 36 and scheduled for this surgery on my left foot in 10 days. Very worried about the recovery. Doc says I'll be in a walking boot pretty quickly. I have small children so I am concerned about how this recovery period will go. Can anyone speak to:

1) what kind of pain did you have, and what kind of meds helped, (I have some of the good stuff leftover from childbirth)

2) driving - it's my left, but my car is stick so I'll be in a rental for awhile, but how long?!

3) I'm squeamish - i really have trouble looking at gross stuff, and the online photos are horrific - how am I going to get through seeing my foot all messed up?! Anyone in the same boat?

My foot is giving me pain and it seems better to get it done while young and still active before it cripples me. But still worried. Would love to hear from those who have come through the other side of this ordeal.

Many thanks.

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