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I posted once before and got good advice. I'm hoping for a repeat. :)

Long story short: I have torn post tibial tendon and peroneous brevis tendon plus most of the ligaments are thickened and whatever, showing previous injuries (acc. to MRI...I don't even know if this ligament thing is a deal or not). And plantar fasciitis. LOL. (Either LOL or cry) But I have GOOD BONES!

I started in a nylon brace thing, then moved into cam walker, but the minute he saw the MRI, he moved me into a hard cast. He's less strict about the weight bearing than I've seen from the folks here, although he did have me get a knee walker (which I HATE...omg, I don't feel safe on that thing at all, and it's a good one). I also wear a big thick shoe thing that comes off when I'm not boot scooting around.

I've been in the cast three weeks now, scheduled the end of next week for it to come off, and he said I'd be back in the cam walker. I don't really know much about that thing because before I could barely get strapped into it, I was back for the cast.

This is to allow the tendons to heal and avoid surgery if possible. (Next step, if this fails, he said *might* be steroid shots, but I haven't read anything good about that)

So really, my ankle has been doing very well. Hardly any pain at all, mostly when I accidentally flex one of my muscles in the cast (reaction out of my control, because I either crash into something or think I'm crashing and I flex)

I swell up if I don't keep my leg up for a period of time (i.e. sitting at my desk like right now). Then I get it propped up and it gets better.

My concern: all of a sudden I'm having some pain. Nothing horrific, but enough that I'd like to stick my hand down the cast and massage it a little. And enough that I'm worried. I thought I was healed up, and now it's kind of coming back. PLUS I'm getting pain on the outside of the ankle, and that tear was a total surprise because it hadn't hurt in months. (Hurt a little, then went away, I forgot all about it until the MRI)

Can anyone offer me some good news, a thread of hope to hang onto? I really can't have surgery. I'm terrified of anesthesia (I have a phobia like some people are afraid to fly), I'm scared of the pain, and I have zero friends or family to help out.

I was really positive until today.

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