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Pttd in teens???
Aug 31, 2015
So I'm in my early teen years- and I have flat feet. My surgeon doesn't think any of my pain is related to my flat feet and he wants to do surgery for a different reason. But here's where I'm worried- there is no evidence of my problem in the mri but he still thinks it's that. He told me my pain wasnt from my flat foot but I kinda think it is. I have pain over the posterior tendon (on the inside of my foot and a little into my ankle) the outside of my ankle hurts and my arch hurts. My foot hurts a lot! I get pulsating pains and sharp pains and some burning pains- not sure if that's relevant but idk- anyway I have been given so many orthotics and gone through so much PT and nothing has helped. Maybe I'm totally wrong but I'm worried I'm right. I don't want to get a surgery and it not help! I'm not a doctor but I have a feeling I'm right and no one seems to be listening. I have a second opinion appt coming up and I'm wondering if it's even worth mentioning? Oh and also at my appt when I asked about my arch my doctor said " I don't think that's the problem now but there's a chance if it gets worse when your older you might have to fix it." I don't want to get some stupid surgery now and then one in ten years... I just want to get one. Maybe I'm totally wrong I was just hoping to get some thoughts on this because wherever I look I can't find anything about pttd in teens and I'm thinking maybe it's not so common? Idk I'm just so sick of my feet being screwed up (5 years and 3 surgerys so far:() yea so sorry for the ramble I would appreciate some advice:)

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