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I am scheduled to get an Austin bunionectomy and a tailor bunionectomy on my right foot next Tuesday. I am 21 and have a "moderate" bunion. My bunion has been causing me years of pain and has been progressively getting worse. After trying special shoes and cortisone shots I decided it was time. As I am young I am nervous if I don't take care of it now it will only get worse and cause me suffering the rest of my life. I am looking for support/advice as none of my friends or family can relate. I work in an office and sit most the day but I am very nervous about returning a week after surgery, however, my surgeon said I would be fine to. Some questions..
How soon did you return to work?
How soon did you start driving? Did you get a handi cap pass?
How long did you wear the boot?
What days following the surgery were most painful?
How long did the pain last?
How long until you felt normal again?
How soon could you wear normal shoes? Heels?
Tips for recovery?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!! I am very nervous but excited to get my life back!

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