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Foot Recovery
Sep 15, 2015
Well, I pulled the trigger and had my foot rebuilt on September 10, 2015. I was extremely nervous, yet looking forward to getting it done. Surgery took a couple of hours, recovery took about 4 hours, then I was home late afternoon on Thursday the 10th. Amazing that you can have this done "outpatient". I don't have a clue what all was done, other than the works. My surgeon said that things went really well and that I had a great looking foot on the table when she was done. She then proceeded to tell me not to mess it up. First post op visit will be on September 23, right now in a splint.

For those of you, like I was, who are concerned regarding the procedure, pain management, etc. Don't drive yourself crazy. So, far, and I'm only on day 5, the pain management side of things has not been too bad. The worst, absolute worst, thing I have dealt with is the constipation. Things just were not moving well the first couple of days. My primary gave me some samples of Movantik 25 mg to take for the Opioid Constipation. Until today, day 5, they really did not do much other than turn me into a huge ball of gas for a couple of hours each day. Things were moving, just not to a satisfactory volume. Now today things are moving quite nicely. Along with the Movantik, I have eaten high fiber, pushed fluids, and tried to move as much as possible. Bottom line, Opioid constipation sucks.

Back to the day of surgery. Surgery always blows and this one is no exception to the rule. When you think about being NWB for 2 to 3 months and all the changes that have to occur it can be a bit overwhelming. I showed up at the surgery center as instructed, and I know that was a shock to my wife. I'm confident that she would have bet the farm on the fact that I would not go through with this. I was stretched out on the table at 8:30 in the morning and woke up in the PACU around 11 am. Recovery rooms are not fun, always feels like a three ring circus. I had one nurse in PACU and she pretty much sat by my side the entire time. She was fantastic. There was debate over nerve blocks and if they were going to give me the one for the inside of my foot or not. I was kind enough to pipe up and demand the block. When it was all said and done I had a block in my inner thigh that played defense on the inside of my foot, one down the outside of my shin that ran defense for the outside of my foot, and an indwelling that I came home with that blocked my heel. The indwelling was in the outside of my thigh, just a bit higher than my knee. I had no idea if the indwelling was doing a thing, other than getting in my way, until I had to remove it on Saturday at Noon. By 1:00 pm on Saturday I knew exactly what the indwelling was blocking and wished that I could have it back.

Due to the second nerve block I spent an extra hour in the PACU before I was transferred to the regular recovery room. For being at the "fancy out patient surgery center" some things were really lacking. The room they had me in only had a recliner. I'm 6'3", so normal recliners mean my feet hang way off of the foot rest. They didn't really have any plan for elevating my foot in the chair, it was a bit of a mess. Eventually someone brought in some foam pads and a couple of pillows and I was set. Around 3:30 I was discharged.

I had done a couple of trial runs with the car and knew exactly what I wanted where for pillows and supports and had a solid entry and exit strategy for the car. I had my foot propped up above my nose for the ride home. The ride home was a bit of a blur, hopefully I was not too much of a back seat driver. I had two plans for getting into the house. Always good to have plan A and plan B. Plan A was to crutch up the back steps. I got to the steps and decided quickly that trying to hop up a step with my crutches in my drugged up state was a bad plan. On to plan B, crawl in the back door and pull myself up once in the house. Plan B was a success.

The rest of my surgery night was spent in a drug induced state. I watched some TV, ate some comfort food, and drifted in and out of sleep. I feel bad for women that have to go through this process. Let me say one word to sum that up, "urinal". That first night my wife got a work out running up and down the steps to empty my urinal. Somewhere around midnight the gates flew open and the Pee Train came to town! Making frequent stops for the next 12 hours.

I had the surgeon provide my prescription before I went under for surgery so my wife could pick up the meds before we headed home. Surgery night meds were every three hours, both my wife and I sat alarms to wake me up and give the dose. Meds are Oxy 5mg, up to three tabs, every 3 hours. The first day we did the 3 every 3 hours. We started a notebook to keep track of med times and how many.

Surgery Day Pain Level? Not bad at all, pretty much loaded all day on meds. I will say that when your leg is numb from the blocks it is a bit awkward moving it around. And, I will point out that once again my wife was correct, I should have been doing some heavy duty core workouts before surgery. My Abs were killing me the first 3 days from all of the "leg lifts".

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