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Doug67-You probably have muscle atrophy through the foot and ankle and everything is adjusting to the plates and screws. Your foot isn't normal now and it will take a while to get used to the new feelings. You can also have scar tissue making things weird; I noticed one night about 2 weeks into PT that my foot was an inch smaller than the other. It turned out that there was scar tissue on the bottom (not where my surgery was) that was pulling my foot inward on itself. Once that scar tissue released my foot was much more normal feeling and tolerated weight and PT exercises much better. Even then it was a long time, months, before walking with the repairs I had felt normal. Now I don't think about it much but it took a long time before I didn't have to think about how I was putting my foot down and that I needed to roll through the step. I would say it was about 14 months post-op when my ankle and foot started feeling completely natural again (which means that I am used to the tightness and occasional pains that are left from surgery).

Go slow, be patient with yourself and you'll get there.

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