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Oh my goodness. How on earth has anyone been able to tolerate a cast for the required 6 weeks??? I am 4 weeks post op and am beside myself with all the discomfort this cast is causing. I came out of the hospital in a soft splint. Then at my one week appt that cast came off and a fiberglass cast was put on. One week later that cast was removed along with my stitches. At this same appt I mentioned to the dr how miserable my foot was in the cast. Unfortunately due to all the work done the Dr said I had no choice but to remain in a hard cast for another 4 weeks. I have made it two more weeks since then but its been pure misery. The dr and I have an agreement to have me go into his office every Tuesday to have my cast removed. I get to sit for about 45 minutes allowing my foot to "breath" before another hard cast gets put on and they send me on my way. I can tolerate the cast until around 5pm every day. From 5pm until I can finally pass out (usually not until midnight or later) I am totally miserable and frustrated. My foot is extremely uncomfortable to the point I am flipping and flopping every 5 mins or less trying (but never succeeding) in locating a comfortable position. Its like having restless leg syndrome. The outside of my foot has a long hot spot as well as a silver dollar sized hot spot on the top of my foot. These areas burn constantly. It feels like there are a bunch of spiders running around the cast as well. I have a lot of heel pain which I know is due to the surgery so there's nothing that can be done about that. I try ice packs both on the cast and behind my knee plus ibuprofen but nothing ever brings relief. Finally tonight I took Neosporin and tried putting some down the outside of my foot to relieve some of the hot spot sensation. That brought me comfort for about 15 minutes. This latest cast I'm sporting was just put on yesterday. I called the drs office today and said this cast is absolutely horrible and there will be no way I can ride it out until Tuesday. I'm going in tomorrow first thing in the morning.
It may sound like I'm a big baby and just have an extremely low tolerance for pain or discomfort but I can assure you that's not the case. If just the burning sensations of the hot spots were addressed I would/could tolerate the spiders and pain bursts without a word.
Anyone have any suggestions of what helped them make it through the cast process?

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