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Re: Broken Heels
Oct 22, 2015
I can walk barefoot, but at first it was bad. But if I do it alot, I some times get plantar fascti, sp?? Usually rolling my foot on a golf ball helps that.

Around the house I sometimes wear sandals, usually slip on shoes. Whatever I wear they need arch support

My accident was in March 2009. By that fall I was no way back to normal. I was doing lots of stuff, but I felt it at the end of the day. The good and bad is, he has a long way to go.

Boots bothered me the first year, I wasnt strong enough. I took them off when driving. Now I drive hundreds of miles in boots.. I find high seats better then low seats in car, due to the angle. May not be same for him.

As for a gap, I have no idea, but I don't think he does either. He probably still has some swelling. At 6-9 months they told me I also had to think of my ankle as still being sprained.

He needs to elevate his feet when not up. Circulation will get better, but it may never be the same. The first few months of walking I iced my ankle 2-3 times a day, more is better. I notice it still helps, maybe better then meds, but I am to lazy to do it.

I did buy a ice pack, made for arms, that I could wrap around my ankle, with velecro. Screwing around with ice packs can be annoying. The velcro helps alot. I should do it more then I do. I had a real busy stretch ay work this summer, and I iced every day, was longer and harder days then normal.

Does he have knots under the skin? At therapy they would work a big giant plastic jack on the knots. At home I would use a screw driver handle. One I swore was bone, but it eventually went away. The good thing about having it done by therapist, is they pushed harder then I did. You tend to wuss out easier when no one is looking.

Physical therapy is very important, need to do it at home, not just at appointment.

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