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Agree with Jen. Every doctor varies on his post-op approach. I've had 2 Brostroms (11 yrs apart, same ankle) for the same reason you are having one. Repeated ankle sprains, weak ankles, problems with sports, working out, etc. My first OS (general, big mistake) put me in a cast for a total of 3.5-4 wks and then the boot and by week 5 I was back to working 12 hours shifts all on my feet. I was in the boot for a while and I had problems healing bc that was WAY too early to being doing all of that. My 2nd OS (foot and ankle board certified, MUCH better) did my 2nd Brostrom as well as repaired my torn peroneal tendon and did a fibular osteotomy for peroneal tendon subluxation. He told me as we talked about the surgery that I would be in a cast for 3 wks and a boot for 3 wks completely NWB and that wasn't up for discussion. I would remain in the boot for a while afterwards and progress to FWB as tolerated after that 6 wk time. For the first 6 days I was in the heavy plaster back slab and ACE wrap and at my first post-op visit, he put me in a fiberglass cast. At the 3 wk mark (so 2 wks later), I could have gone into the boot, but I asked for another cast and he gladly put me into another cast. The reason I asked for this is because the fiberglass cast was actually less bulky and weighed less. I couldn't imagine not sleeping with anything on my ankle at this point and the cast was WAY easier to sleep in that the big huge boot. I had a fleece cast cover to sleep in so no scratching up my sheets. I also had a fabulous cast protector for the shower and showered every day for 6 wks without one problem. So for ME, that was the best solution. My OS said that they prefer for the patient to be in the cast all 6 wks, but due to most ppl having a hard time with that, they cut it in half and used the boot the rest of the time. After the 6 wks of the cast, I was put into the boot and had that for another 4-5 wks and started PT 2 days after the cast came off and progressed to FWB over the next 2 weeks. So I basically was on crutches for nearly 2 months by the time the process was all over. I healed MUCH better and MUCH faster this time. My surgery was 2/22/12 and by mid June, PT ended and I went overseas to teach a kids' camp that I do every summer, was zip lining by that Aug (landing on 1 foot) and completed a half marathon (only allowed to walk it) that December. I did have a freak accident reinjuring the ankle after that surgery (by just walking on an uneven sidewalk!!) but that is a whole different story. You basically have to find out what works best with you and your doctor. Good luck and let us know how you are doing!

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